lagu anak

Lately, many children are addicted to gadgets, even at the age of toddlers, many don’t want to be far from their cellphones or other devices.

This is indeed a concern for many parties, not only parents but also the government and the world community. Every day the tendency of children to continuously play gadgets and lazy to play outside the house is also getting worse.

Parents seem helpless to face this situation, on the other hand we need children to stay quiet and not go anywhere as long as parents are busy with homework, but on the other hand children are addicted to gadgets, and don’t want to let go of their cellphones.

However, this problem is difficult to avoid. As a parent, you can only try to limit the time your children play gadgets and monitor what content they see.

There are many activities that children usually do through their mobile phones, from playing games, interacting with their friends on social media, but the most common is watching YouTube.

For toddlers, especially toddlers, the most watched content is cartoons and children’s songs. Of course, you want to teach something useful as well as fun through nursery rhymes that your child is likely to like.

  1. Lo Lo Kids

English songs are also good and fun for children. That’s all for learning English for your little one. Lo Loo Kids is one of the best international song youtube channels in terms of animation, songs and also the quality of the music.

Famous foreign language songs such as Old McDonald Had A Farm , Twinkle-twinkle Little Star, Bingo and so on, you can play and download as much as you like here.

For those of you who want to hear via mp3, there is nothing wrong with downloading it first. Friends, you can download it here mp3 juice

  1. Coco Melon

Cocomelon is a special YouTube channel for children’s songs that diligently updates new songs. The animation is also funny, suitable for preschool age children. His hits include: Yes yes Vegetables , The Ant and The Grasshopper and the Numbers song. Your child can have fun while singing with their video clip.

  1. Super Simple Songs

This is also the best foreign language children’s song youtube channel in my opinion. With animated characters and unique dolls singing together, supported by appropriate voice characters, it is very interesting for children to watch.

Especially for dolls (Puppet) you can find funny songs ” The Muffin Man “, This Is The Way We Go Too and This Is The Way. Meanwhile for other cartoon categories, you can also play Busy Miss Rabbit, Are You Sleeping and My Happy Song songs.

  1. Didi & Friends

Now, here he is who is making a scene with the song that went viral by the dance action of Issabelle , Sleepy Mummy and Sleepy Mumia. This Malaysian children’s song channel also has a special channel for Indonesian and English.

So not only the two songs above, which you can find on the youtube channel, world popular English songs, and Indonesian children’s songs are also available on the channel especially as mentioned above.

  1. Pinkfong

Now, this one must be mentioned, because what children don’t know the song “Baby Shark” which hit everywhere a year ago. This YouTube children’s song channel is originally from South Korea.

His typical animated character turns out to be not only sharks, but there are monkeys and even aliens. Besides the Baby Shark Dance song, you can also enjoy other funny songs such as “Cheeky Monkey, Color Bus and More.