Lagu masa lalu

Songs become friends in times of sadness or joy. His presence can color the atmosphere. Every day we hear at least one song. Throughout 2021, many songs have been released and have gone viral on the internet.

This is inseparable from social media such as TikTok and Instagram which popularized it. Sometimes, a piece of content takes a background with an interesting song but doesn't have a title listed. This is what brings people to Google to search for the song by its snippets of notes and even the faintest sounding lyrics.

Besides looking for it on Google, you can also download it using, an mp3 download that is quite popular among music lovers.

Based on data compiled by Google until November 30, 2021, here are the most searched songs throughout 2021.

  1. “Here’s Your Perfect” – Jamie Miller

This mellow song from Jamie Miller is able to make the listeners mellow too. Jamie's beautiful voice and touching lyrics make it a lot of background sound for content or accompany in spare time. Because of its popularity, "Here's Your Perfect" has become one of the most searched songs on Google.

  1. “At My Worst” – Pink Sweat$

The soothing sound of Pink Sweat$ and its soothing rhythm has become one of the favorite songs that has been widely shared on various social media content. This also leads listeners to search further about the lyrics, meaning, the singer, and even interesting facts from the song "At My Worst".

  1. “Happier” – Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo's "Happier" also became one of the top 10 most searched songs on Google this year. It is certain that you always hear it everywhere. Many also made covers of this song.

  1. “Butter” – BTS

It's okay if there's no "Butter" from BTS. The song, which also won the American Music Award, became the most searched for on Google. The initially addictive lyrics make this song often used as a backsound and wara wiri on social media.

  1. "Widodari" - Denny Caknan Feat Guyon Waton

Opened with violin and guitar accompaniment to the koplo melody, "Widodari" is also the most searched song on Google. Released last July, the song's music video has now been viewed more than 52 million times on YouTube.

  1. “Take Me to the Penghulu” – Lesti

The name Lesti Kejora has been talked about a lot throughout this year. Not only the name, the song is also popular and widely searched on Google. "Take Me to the Penghulu" is Lesti's song, which is dedicated to Rizky Billar, her husband, as an expression of her happiness being proposed by her idol.