Playing a song or music is a habit that cannot be broken. It is useful for calming the mind as well as the heart. But many people still don't know how to download or download songs on the internet and settle on using Youtube because it's easy.

Did you know that most songs have a copyright. That's what makes the song files limited on the internet, because many song pages have been deleted by search engines due to violating the guidelines for copyright reasons.

But for those of you who still want to download songs on the internet, there are several ways you can do it. And this is of course safe and does not violate as long as you use the song only personally, or with the intention of not using the song for commercial purposes.

Actually you can get video and mp3 formats easily and quickly through Tubidy , it's just that sometimes you are still curious about other tools.

That's why we've also included how to download songs using other tools. Hopefully it can help all of you friends.

The Easiest Way to Download Songs on the Internet

For now there are only two ways to share. You can choose any way because it will work fine. So from now on you don't need an internet connection anymore as long as the song has been downloaded.

  1. Using the Download Song Feature on Spotify

Many people understand that Spotify is an online and free song player. But behind that, there is one feature that is unforgettable, namely Download songs. However, this feature is only available to premium users.

However, Spotify also provides free access to be a premium user for a month, you know. Maybe you can try it first and feel what the difference is between playing offline and online songs on the Spotify application.

And if you find it fun to play offline, you can start to subscribe every month by paying approximately 50 thousand rupiah. Sometimes there are even discounts that make you want to continue to subscribe.

  1. Convert Songs from Youtube Videos

If above there was a subscription side, but this second method is actually 100% free. So all you need to do is convert a Youtube video and turn it into an MP3 format song file.

To convert it, of course you need the help of a website such as Youtube to MP3, and the following is the procedure for the conversion process.

  • Please visit the website Ytmp3.cc
  • In the column provided, fill in the URL of the Youtube video that you want to convert into a song
  • Fill Column with Youtube Video URL
  • Then click the Convert button and wait for the process to finish
  • Click the Convert Button to Start Converting Youtube Videos Into Songs
  • Then click the Download button to start downloading the song.
  • Click the Download Button to Download Songs

After that the download process will start running and please try to play the song, there will definitely be no difference at all with the one on the Youtube video. That's because the website is like only extracting the audio and not the video, so the quality of the song will remain the same.

So which of the two above do you prefer to use? If you want it to be practical, maybe you can get it in the first way, while if you want a free one, of course the second way is the right choice.

And before ending this, just want to remind once again that this method will remain safe as long as you use the song file for private.

So the downloaded song file doesn't need to be redistributed to the public (eg a website), because it risks becoming a copyright infringement later.